Telecommunication technology is advancing at an ever increasing pace, making it difficult for organizations with their extremely busy IT departments to properly evaluate and determine if and when to consider upgrading or enhancing technology within your organization. We will work with you to clearly identify your needs and requirements and customize a cost-effective scope of work proposal that addresses how we will assist you in reaching your desired goals and objectives for a particular project.

Trien & Associates provides broad expertise in all aspects of business telecommunications such as Phone systems & services, VoIP Telephony, Unified Communications, Contact Center systems, Video, Wireless, Mobile, Strategic Planning, Technology Roadmaps and more. Our experience also extends to designing low-voltage cabling infrastructure & data networks and conducting beneficial voice/data billing audits and expense management.

We act to implement our recommendations of these various systems and services to your satisfaction. Our clients’ IT and Telecom personnel receive the support and expertise they need from our highly specialized technology professionals.

Evaluating our clients’ needs, determining the best combination of systems and services to meet those requirements, coordinating on-time implementations, obtaining vendor discounts, and professionally removing the burden of overseeing these complex implementations and reducing current telecommunications expenditures is our forte. We have been retained by more than 1,000 organizations.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs & our services.