After evaluating our client’s Information and Communications Technology needs we formulate RFP’s/RFQ’s in order to obtain the necessary systems and/or services to meet their requirements. Being vendor-agnostic, we conduct unbiased negotiations with the vendors to provide our client with the best options to maximize ROI.

Strategic Telecommunications Convergence Roadmaps and Considerations

Telecommunication technology is advancing at an ever increasing pace, making it difficult for organizations with their extremely busy IT departments to properly evaluate and determine if and when to consider upgrading or enhancing technology within your organization. Trien & Associates can develop that roadmap for you based on your needs and requirements.

Evaluation, Selection & Operational Design of Enterprise Communications Systems

Trien & Associates provides broad expertise in all aspects of business telecommunications to assist your IT department in areas such as Phone systems & services, VoIP Telephony, Unified Communications, Contact Center systems, Video, Wireless, Mobile, and more.

Technical Evaluations of Existing Platforms Leading to Upgrades or Replacements

Are your systems serving you effectively? Are you in need of an upgrade or should you consider a complete replacement. We will review your specific needs and provide recommendations as to what is best for your organization.

Desktop Telephony Integration, Instant Messaging (IM), Presence, Call Control

Corporate communications is no longer just about the phone. Integrating telephony with the desktop enhances communications by delivering the presence status of co-workers, providing immediate communication via IM and even allowing desktop control of your telephone. Trien & Associates can guide you through the multitude of available options.

Application Integrations, Click-to-Dial, Voice Mail/Email Unified Messaging

Todays corporate office is becoming more integrated to user applications, such as enabling click-to-dial links in your web pages or applications or having your emails arrive in your email box. Determining what systems to implement for your needs is one of our specialties.

Audio/Video Conferencing

While there may be a system in the conference room, it is becoming more prevalent to use video from the desktop to communicate with customers and co-workers. There are many products to enable this capability and we can direct you

Collaboration Systems, Real-time Desktop and Data sharing

The capability to share desktops for web conferences and user interactions has been common. The latest trend is to offer real-time collaboration and data sharing. What do you need to enable that capability? What does it cost? Is it right for your organization? We can assist with all of those questions.

Mobile Device Integrations to Corporate Communications systems

As corporations deploy more mobile workers, maintaining effective communications is more important than ever. We can evaluate your needs and recommend approaches to integrate your mobile workers into your communication system.

Considerations for Emerging Technologies such as WebRTC

WebRTC is an emerging technology that could revolutionize various communication technologies. It enables web browsers with real-time communication capabilities. Trien & Associates can evaluate these emerging technologies and provide recommendations for your organization.

Communications Integrated to Optimize Business Processes & CEBP Considerations

The goal of CEBP is to optimize a business process by reducing the human latency that exists within a process flow. This is accomplished through the use of business rules to control their own processes. Trien & Associates can assist with developing and analyzing the considerations for your unique requirements.

Point of Sale Systems

Our telecommunications specialist evaluate the type of enterprise you have and what products it offers, then depending on your business goals we find the highest quality point of sale system within your budget – keeping revenue high and equipment cost low.

Property Management Systems

Trien & Associates understands the requirements of the hospitality industry. Our expertise in software applications leads us to right Property Management Systems that will provide you with all the tools to coordinate the operational functions of your business’ property, including processing reservations, bookings and billing.

Access Control/Door Locking Systems

Are your employees and assets protected with a security system? As a unique part of our telecommunications consulting services, we can provide recommendations on integrated security solutions that will combine alarm monitoring and access control to manage all facility entries – including personnel and guest.

Energy Management Systems

With an energy management system tailored to your business, you can monitor the electricity usage within your facility, improve energy efficiency and ultimately keep your utility rates as low as possible.

Guest MATV/IPTV systems and SAT-TV service

Provide your guest with the best in-room technology. Trien & Associates provides the guidance needed to prepare your property with the MATV/IPTV system your guest will enjoy.

Guest Internet Services

For many guests, Internet access is more than an amenity – it may be a necessity through out their visit. Guest will be more likely to return to a business when it offers convenient Internet access. Our telecommunications consultants can assess your facility and provide recommendations on an Internet service that will satisfy your guests as well as your personnel.

Intelligent Building Systems

An intelligent building system integrates multiple networks to provide your business with optimal building control. Whatever your building occupants may need, Trien & Associates can assist you in budget projection and designing a system that provides an immediate ROI.

Network Infrastructure, Wide-Area Network (WAN) Planning & Design

The planning and design of the WAN are critical to success. Corporations connecting multiple offices or mobile personnel must take into account a number of variables that will impact overall costs and network functionality. These include user requirements for voice, video, asynchronous and synchronous data and LAN traffic as well as realistic capacity planning and bandwidth management. Trien & Associates has experience with the effective design of WANs.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Benefits Analysis

SIP is changing the way systems utilize Voice over IP (VoIP).It is designed to support the calling features of traditional telephone systems as well as multimedia communications byutilizing a peer-to-peer protocol. While its benefits are being touted, we will analyze the potential benefits based on your specific requirements.

Cloud / Hosted vs. Premise Considerations

Corporations are facing new deployment decisions. Should you consider cloud solutions? If so, should you deploy Platform-as-a-service (PAAS) or Software-as-a-service (SAAS)? What are the technical and financial considerations? We can guide you with regard to the best solution for your organization.

Telecom Needs & Requirements Analysis

Trien & Associates identify all your business needs, standards and requirements to design a projected budget for all the telecommunications services and equipment you will invest in.

Vendor Comparative Analysis

Trien & Associates compares and analyzes vendor services and/or equipment before providing any recommendations to ensure that your business receives the best in class services for the lowest possible price.

Contract Negotiations with Vendors

Our telecommunications consultants strategically negotiate service agreements with vendors. Trien & Associates provides you with the relief of knowing your telecommunications services are well managed.

Request for Proposal (RFP) development for Systems and Services

An RFP or Request for Quote (RFQ) should be a requirement for any project and is absolutely essential for projects spanning an extended period of time; resulting in a long-term relationship with the vendor; potentially causing disruption within the organization; or costing a significant amount of money to implement. Trien & Associates is well versed in defining your requirements, developing RFP/RFQ documents and managing the RFP process.

Wide-Area Network (WAN) Procurement & Implementation

Trien & Associates does not sell products and services. We do however, as part of our RFP processes, identify and recommend qualified vendors who will provide the recommended solutions at the best possible price. We will then project manage the implementation of our recommended solution.