Telecommunications/Data Systems & Services

Once selected, we work alongside the vendor and our client to custom tailor the selected system and/or services to meet requirements.

Low Voltage Voice/Data Cable and Wireless Systems

Our BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) collaborates with our clients’ engineers, architects, builders, and IT department to create and implement the most effective, efficient, and safe design of structured low voltage cable infrastructure.

Call Center Systems

We provide specialists that increase staff productivity and/or reduce the cost of Call Center systems via operational evaluations, environment enhancements, and staff optimization.

Organizational Analysis and Development of Technology Roadmap.

As technology continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace, it is difficult for many companies to keep up-to-date. Even more difficult is the process of making the right decisions on the long-term direction for your organization.

Trien & Associates conducts a needs and requirements assessment of your current contact center(s) and identifies potential future requirements. With this information, we develop a technology roadmap that evaluates the current systems and provides guidance & recommendations for future technology enhancements. The roadmap incorporates the consideration of costs and the potential return-on-investment (ROI).

Evaluation, Selection & Design of ACD Technology and Applications.

Relying on a vendor to provide objective information on their systems is usually not the best decision. Their focus is to sell the product with the best commission for them. As independent consultants with over forty years experience, Trien & Associates is uniquely positioned to provide you with the best guidance.

Whether it’s managing a Request for Information (RFI) or a Request for Proposal (RFP), our expertise will lead to the selection of the most-effective systems for your organization. We then work with your vendors to design the operation of the system and applications to meet your exact requirements.

Analysis of Call Routing & Agent Performance.

Designing the proper experience for your customers when they need to communicate with you is a differentiator. Whether it be the structure of any menus, the voice talent that is utilized or even how agents answer and handle calls, they all create a perception of the company.

Trien & Associates is highly experienced at evaluating and optimizing customer call routing and agent performance. Quite often, our recommended improvements not only improve the experience, but also reduce the call handling cost and the cost of agent staffing.

Optimization of Existing Processes & Workflows.

When conducting evaluations, it is common to ask why a particular process occurs and to get an answer similar to this. “That is how it has always been done” or even “I don’t know.”

Trien & Associates understands that for technology to be effective, it must be implemented in a way that empowers your employees and the processes necessary to conduct the business. Sometimes that analysis leads to recommendations for changes.

Real-time & Historical Reporting

Do you have a reporting system for your contact center? Is your current system being used effectively or do you need to consider enhancing or replacing it? Trien & Associates can evaluate your current system and provide guidance.

Quality Recording & Management

Do you have a quality monitoring program within your contact center? How do you know that your agents are properly representing your company to your customers? When does it make sense to consider this? Trien & Associates can analyze your contact center and determine if there is an adequate ROI to implement

Multi-Channel Capabilities - Email, Web Chat, SMS, Video

Customers are changing their practices with regard to how they communicate with companies that serve them. Trien & Associates can provide guidance regarding enhancements to add other channels of communication and determine the potential ROI.

Work Force Management / Scheduling

How much time are you spending on scheduling your staff? Do you find that you still have staffing issues to contend with? Trien & Associates offers a great deal of expertise to assist with the considerations for Work Force Management.

Self Service / IVR / Speech

Are there opportunities to manage some of your call volume through self-service? If so, then there are considerations for how that could be offered to your customers. It could be through virtual agent web chat or though an IVR and then could be touch-tone, guided voice dialog or natural language speech. Trien & Associates is very knowledgeable in this area and can definitely be of assistance.

Social Media Management

There is a good chance that you are utilizing some aspects of social media and if you are, it is quite likely that it is a manual process. Trien & Associates can determine if this technology would be a good investment for your specific needs and requirements.

Remote Agent / Work-at-Home

There are many reasons to consider deploying remote agents. It may be due to a space issue in your office or the need to accommodate staff with flex schedules. The technology is readily available. Trien & Associates can assess the potential benefits to your organization and assist with developing the processes and procedures to manage a successful remote agent program.

Low-Voltage Cable Design (Outside Plant and Inside Plant)

With the advent of the converged network, the proper design of your low-voltage cabling is increasingly important to ensure the optimum deployment for both current and future requirements. Trien & Associates has a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) on staff for all design requirements.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Design & Deployment

Any conversion to SIP requires an optimal design that includes the coordinated conversion from existing services. Trien & Associates can manage this intricate and challenging task leading to a successful deployment.

Wireless Voice/Data Network Strategies

The traditional wireless network is evolving. In addition to the typical access to the network by computing devices, there are new requirements to support office voice traffic, video and more. Trien & Associates has the experience to properly assess your requirements and recommend strategies for your organization.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Planning & Preparation

Every organization needs a documented process or set of procedures to recover and protect a business IT infrastructure in the event of various disasters. The process of developing a DR plan is very involved and can benefit from professional guidance by Trien & Associates.

Business Continuity & Resiliency Planning

Corporations need a plan that defines how to continue operating if adverse conditions occur that affect normal operations. Examples include storms, fires, office building disasters and many others. These plans often include relocating to a temporary location. Trien & Associates is very effective in identifying your requirements and recommending the most effective solutions.

Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Design Configuration & Implementation

A DAS network helps boost mobile broadband and Wi-Fi coverage at large venues and facilities with hard to serve areas. This is a key capability for First Responder/ Emergency Services as well as Cellular Service Providers. Trien & Associates are experts in the design and implementation of these systems.