Expense Management:

Contingency based billing audits uncover tremendous savings. Additionally, Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) systems, effective contract negotiation, inventory control, cost analysis and invoice processing are all essential to managing budgets and enhancing ROI.

Telecommunications (Voice/Data) Billing Audits

Are you being billed the correct amount by your voice/data service provider? Our billing audits include identifying billing errors leading to long-overdue vendor refunds as well as evaluating the effectiveness of your services. Our recommendations will reduce your telecom costs and improve telecom productivity on an ongoing basis.

Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) systems

Controlling Corporate communications costs has become increasingly difficult given today’s wireless, voice and data environment. TEM encompasses the technology, processes, policy, and people needed to manage these corporate assets. We can provide the guidance and services to accomplish this for your organization, the net benefit being reduced cost and greatly enhanced control.

Procurement Services

Trien & Associates does not act as an agent nor do we sell or lease any telecommunications or networking equipment/services. We do however, as part of our RFP processes, identify and recommend qualified vendors who will provide the recommended solutions at the best possible price.

Mobile Device Expense Management

Managing Corporate mobile plans and their associated costs has become a high priority effort as the use of mobile devices continues to rise. Trien & Associates can assist with evaluating and recommending strategies for the optimization and management of these costs.

Network Convergence Optimization for Data/Voice/Video

There are many benefits to network convergence. These include reducing costs, increasing flexibility and expanding your capability to provide services throughout your organization, including mobile workers. Trien & Associates can assist in the proper planning and design to avoid issues such as single point-of-failure while optimizing your network design.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Considerations

The explosion of consumer mobile devices has altered the landscape with regard to IT dictating what can connect to the network. Trien & Associates can review your requirements and assist with developing a plan for your organization.

Cost Reduction initiatives

Every organization wants to lower their costs without sacrificing service or capability.

Trien & Associates has accomplished this for hundreds of clients over the years. Whether it is through billing audits, contract negotiations for carrier services or new technology deployments, we have successfully reduced costs for our clients.